Questions And Answers

How do I contact Peter?

Cell: 973.534.9794 or house 973.813.7413 to set up a free appointment

How knowledgeable is Peter about Antiques?

I had an antique store in Andover NJ for several years, and have a love and appreciation for all antiques. I also know how and where to research items I am not expert in.

Will Peter make me money?

Yes, I will run a very successful sale for you. I will work with you to determine where you can get the maximum value for your items. Sometimes the best place to sell is in the home/at the sale, sometimes it is eBay and sometimes it is best to work with a dealer who is specialized in a particular area.

As an example - recently at an estate sale I found a small Singer sewing machine. I researched the item and found it was a rare model from Whittenberg, Germany so I advised the homeowner that the best place to sell it would be eBay. We started the item at $199.00 and it sold in a bidding war for $564.00, while at an estate sale, it most likely would have sold for $100 or less.

Should I throw things away prior to the sale?

Never throw things away! One man's rubbish is another man's treasure! Sometimes, collectibles are only recognized by the collector!



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